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About us

Our Story

FBS Next expresses the company DNA which has distinguished both values and successes of its management, the Strocchi family, during the recent past.

Since 1997, the FBS team provides its services to the most relevant credit institutions, making use of a strong and proven expertise in the NPE sector, both from a consultancy and management perspective.

Who We Are

During 2020, NPE FBS Next was born as a social and digital servicer within NPE: Paolo Strocchi, together with his sons Federico and Filippo, today convey know-how and perspective vision.

Our Vision

The distinctive nature of our company entail a methodological approach drove by transparency, effectiveness and management knowhow.

Our tailor-made approach to our Asset Under Management, put excellence, expertise and innovation available at the Italian market disposal.

What we offer


FBS next offers highly qualified assistance on all type of non-performing loans. Our methodological approach is aimed at maximizing recovery, in compliance with the legislation and strategic head lines defined by the Originator. In its history, the FBS next team has reported significant performances against a very low percentage of litigation. Our imprinting is oriented to the extra – judicial recovery, but our experience allows us to also optimize performance and recovery methods through judicial and bankruptcy skills, integrated into a well-organized and consolidated managerial processes.


Our company gives a great importance to the management of both past due and unlikely to pay through a preliminary and punctual distinction between curable clients – such as restructuring / renegotiation and return "in bonis" - from those with an usual recovery process.

Proactive management of this situation allows Institutions to "save" on future provisions, improving their Danger Rate.


The top management of FBS next represents in terms of reputation, knowhow and results what has characterized its successes and value in the most recent life cycle. Managers devoted to professionalism with the ambition of improving themselves and making management processes innovative. A credit boutique with a financial cut and strong managerial imprinting on recovery integrated within an organization that applies its strategies and the pursuit of its objectives with a scrupulous and punctual depth.

Business plan

The drivers for Business Plan consist of over twenty years of experience in the field. They presume a synergy of specific skills (ICT, Finance, Management, Judicial, Real Estate) which, integrated, represent a tool with a massive impact, both on the performance and profitability of each single position, of specific clusters or single names, managed as well as in the BP as also in specific dedicated roll up sessions.

Regarding mortgage loans, FBS next applies an analytical assessment scheme, following a specific estimation model which takes into consideration numerous drivers, responding both to the technical characteristics of the asset and to the ongoing judicial procedures.

For unsecured credits, if a privilege or property is present, the valuation will be expressed analytically, otherwise with a statistical curve.

Action plan

An action plan is a management tool applicable to any type of portfolio. Clusters can be determined based on the nature of the credits, it is an excellent management control tool together with an organization model that can be replicable at various levels: starting from the onboarding of the portfoli, to the distribution perimeter of the asset manager, up to the possibility of thinking about individual phases working.

  • The model can incorporate the data input starting from the data remediation phases (guarantees, procedure guarantors, presence of privilege and previous agreements or negotiations).
  • It integrates the information kits loaded on guarantors and debtors, generates clusters and calculates the prescription risk and the maturities of the mortgages.
  • Check the movement of "salient" activities: not all types of processing are relevant but only those adhering to the best strategy resolution.
  • It allows the user to historicize the start of processing by creating a historical trend that is valid both for the single portfolio and as a case history performance trend for the future.

Why us


Deep Industry Knowledge

Senior Management and the resources dedicated to the recovery process ensure a set of processes and integrated business models that configure a managerial organization based on efficiency and maximization of recoveries.


Point of balance in terms of efficency

The servicer between bank and debtor: a point of balance and efficiency.

Fbs Next operates with transparency, seeking a reconstitution of the social economic fabric through the readmission “in bonis” or extrajudicial resolution, between the Bank and the debtor.

Performance and recoveries also create a benefit for the counterparties in terms of reliability and solidity.


Innovation in the Making

FBS next offers solutions to the current market needs within a constantly evolving contest from a regulation perspective, therefore linked to asset and capital requirements such as calendar provisioning, new default rules). A significant focus is also focused on the management and recovery of UTPs ("unlikely to pay").

The available databases guarantee immediate access to strategic information for each type of professional service.

Board and management

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FBS next S.p.A.
Piazza XX Settembre, 4 48121 Ravenna (RA) Italy
C.F. / P. IVA / Isc. Reg. Imp. 02656960396

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Piazza XX Settembre 4, 48121 Ravenna, Italia
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FBS next S.p.A.
Piazza XX Settembre, 4 48121 Ravenna (RA) Italy
C.F. / P. IVA / Isc. Reg. Imp. 02656960396

Informativa recupero crediti propri
Informativa recupero crediti conto terzi